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Stuttering Sons v Able Gable Endies

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On 10/12/2021 at 13:33, Jan Vojáček said:

We love conceding a penalty. Montrose love winning a penalty.

We'll gift them a goal. That's for sure. But hopefully it isn't the first one. If we score first then we've been good at winning games. If we concede first then we've probably had it. Again.


We've been pretty decent. But my god the goals we concede are laughable.

50 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

Is the sound extremely quiet for anyone else watching the stream? I've got everything turned up and still it's barely audible. 

Hopefully our wee sound test has sorted that.

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Just shows you how 5 mins can change a game. 🤦‍♂️  

Silly mistake by Boyle and there second was a well taken goal.

We have played some good passes but it looks like the heads have gone down since there second.

think there will be a slip or mistake second half for another goal, fingers crossed it’s for us rather than against.

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What an absolute fucking gang we are, that defence is a complete shambles. I wondered how long it would take for one of the charlatans at the back to make an arse of something/give away a penalty and Paddy Boyle delivered both in quite spectacular style.

The most frustrating thing about is that if we were semi competent at the back and took our chances we could be about 2 or 3-0 up. Alas we are shite and get everything we deserve.

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Very negative first half from us. Even when we went 1-0 up I was thinking that we were exceptionally lucky. I think the most frustrating aspect from me is letting Montrose play out from the back every time while they press us high. Yes they may be slightly stronger than us but not astronomically and with the pitch not great it seems bizarre to sit back.

Now we’re behind there’s no chance counter-attacking will work. We need to change our approach second half. The defending for both goals was astonishingly bad. I can’t even begin to explain how terrible Boyle’s play was to concede that penalty out of nothing and for their second Buchanan fully committed himself to a header and totally missed it.

Other than that Wilson, Pignateillo and Duthie have been decent. There is no way Stokes can play as a striker if our main tactic is to build counter-attacks by playing balls into the channels, he’s just not quite enough. I’d bring McLean on for him and McKee on for Orsi, moving Duthie up from.

Special mention for Geggan who is not only one of the worst Dumbarton players I’ve seen but also seems to have a poor attitude and awful decision making.

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We have relegation written all over us I’m afraid. Bar scraping a win against a mid table East of Scotland outfit and managing to shitfest a lucky win against Alloa we have been absolutely attrocious for months. The amount of goals we gift teams is frightening. 

I’m not convinced the manager really knows what he’s doing, I think he looks out of his depth. His tactics are hopeless and he pretty much just tries the same thing every week and gets the same outcome. Him and his coaching staff reek of guys who are better suited to West of Scotland League standard football tbh. I don’t think he’s close to being bagged but if he walked tonight I wouldn’t be arsed. 

Brace yerselves troops, this isn’t going to be pretty. 

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Thought we were very poor for the opening 30mins but somehow only conceded one.  As has been said .. howlingly bad defending for the pen and a decent move saw us nick 2 quick goals.  After that it was pretty much game over although if the Dumbarton header early in the second half had sneaked inside the post instead of going outside things might have been different.  All in all it was 3 points ground out and considering the number of first choice players missing I’ll take it. Dumbarton looked ok first half but ran out of ideas at 2-1 and ended up aimlessly hoofing long balls to Annie for most of the second. 

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We looked good for the first 25 minutes and deserved to be ahead. If we'd got a 2nd goal then the game was over. Instead we conceded a soft penalty through some absolutely terrible defending from Paddy Boyle. Didnt deal with the simple header and that put him under huge pressure. Both Boyle and Buchanan were shite for the 2nd goal too. The 3rd was a really well placed finish, but the Montrose player had time and space to cut inside without any kind of pressure from a Sons player. A decent opening quarter of the game isnt good enough and again we collapsed. Poor defensive mistakes, a lack of creativity and no striker will be our undoing this year.

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That was a lesson in how to win a game from behind from Montrose. And a lesson in how to throw away a game from a deserved lead from ourselves.

I'll start with Montrose who are, pound-for-pound, the second most impressive team in lower league football (behind Arbroath, obviously).

As touched upon by their own fans here, they started really poorly, and for the first half hour or so I really couldn't fault our performance. We scored a very good goal - a lovely through ball by Andy Geggan, and a sublime run, touch and finish from Conner Duthie. Eoghan Stokes hit the bar, Duthie had one cleared off the line and our shape was rigid and wasn't budging for Montrose one bit.

Then step forward the expected clown school defending.

An aimless ball, a bit of pressure from Blair Lyons and Paddy Boyle manages to concede the worst penalty we've lost all season. And trust me Mo fans, that is saying something.

I actually feel sorry for Faz. He could work 24/7 with the players on defending all week in training, and that Boyle mistake would still happen. Just as Buchanan's howler last week would've still happened. It's careless individual errors from experienced players, and it's something that has happened far too many times.

As soon as we conceded that the real Montrose popped up, whilst we started to retreat into our shell.

The second goal was really nicely worked, but Faz was fuming about the defending for it. It was all too easy and allowing players to float along the edge of the box unchallenged is something we were guilty of all game.

Despite that, and the fact we slipped into a habit of launching long aimless balls and totally bypassing Carlo Pignatiello, we really should've been level before half-time. Kalvin Orsi's lovely ball sent Eoghan Stokes in, but Aaron Lennox made a superb save.

We actually created a decent number of openings (again) today. But (once again) didn't threaten the goalkeeper anywhere near enough. A half decent finisher would have got us 10+ goals already this season. I firmly believe that. The two chances passed up by Ryan Schiavone late on encapsulated our issues. Nobody attacks the ball with any aggression, nobody is sniffing about prepared to pounce on a slack touch or keeper making a save. 

At 2-1 I felt we were still very much in the game. But then some more lax defending allowed Montrose to seal things. It was a very tidy finish from Liam Callachan, but why he was allowed to travel across the face of goal, find a nice position and tuck a shot into the bottom corner only our back four will be able to answer.

I said at the start that it was a lesson in how to win a game from Montrose, and I'll explain what I mean. They started on the back foot, but they stuck to their gameplan and continued to play to their strengths. They never panicked. They clearly all trust each other and trust their gaffer and they knew that if they kept playing to their strengths that they'd turn the game around.

It was the opposite for us. We started well, played to our strengths (plenty of good wing play from Duthie and Wilson, and some nice link-up from Stokes and Orsi). Gifted them a daft penalty, panicked and struggled to find any sort of rhythm from that point onwards. Confidence is clearly at rock bottom, and my God does it show.

There were a few things that concerned me from that. One is that we didn't play that badly (we defended badly, and finished badly). But still lost very comfortably. That's a huge red flag. We lost because we lacked quality in both boxes. Which is, you know, kind of vital in football.

The second is the sheer state of our defensive performances.

It pains me to say it, but Falkirk and QOS fans were spot on about Gregor Buchanan. He is struggling big time. His decision making is poor, he's rash in the challenge and he looks like he needs a more experienced head to talk him through the game. Unfortunately he is the experienced head, he had the armband. He looks a shadow of the player he was for us in the Championship. When McGeever is back fit I'd be pairing him with Carsy.

Andy Geggan (lovely assist aside) shouldn't really be near our starting 11. Let alone at full-back. Although I appreciate Faz's hands were tied in terms of availability.  He's fine to stick on in centre-mid with us 2-1 up to see things out. But he looks like his best days are well behind him. Again, he looks a shadow of the player he was first time around.

You can copy and paste a mixture of the above for Paddy Boyle. Left-back and centre-half must be priority positions for us. 

Edin Lynch did okay for his first game as a centre-back. I'm not convinced he's a League One player (yet), but there's something there. He certainly performed better than those around him anyway.

Attacking wise I thought we were alright. Callum Wilson did a few decent bits and bobs, as did Eoghan Stokes. And Kalvin Orsi put in a decent shift. He just never looks likely to score. Quite how we unearth these goal-fearing strikers season after season is beyond me.

Even discounting his goal, I thought Conner Duthie was our best player though. He was playing with a bit of confidence, he drove with the ball, he was always wanting to get on it and make something positive happen and he turned in a few decent crosses that we should've made more of. I've been impressed with him this season, after initially questioning why we re-signed him. He has a hunger about his game that quite a few of his teammates lack at the moment. 

Peterhead next week is now a must-win if we want to have any aspirations of avoiding a bottom two finish now. I firmly believe that. Three points there would make things a bit easier stumbling into January in the hope Faz can add a couple of defenders and someone to stand six yards out and boot the ball into the net.

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