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Stenhousemuir -vs- Stranraer

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I walked out with about 25 minutes to go. That was the worst I've seen us play this season - I grossly underestimated Stranraer while grossly overestimating how good a team we are. The Blues leathered us - they were first to every ball, they out-fought us and they stopped us from getting any rhythm going - but we were dreadful all across the pitch. No width whatsoever, with all four wide players off their game, no muscle in the middle of the park and nothing up front. All we did was hook the ball forward whenever it came in our direction. Garbage.
David Wilson was the villain yesterday and he'll had to take responsibility for the second and third goals with two rotten pieces of goalkeeping. I've had my doubts about him for a couple of weeks now and I don't think he's good enough for what we're looking for; being "better than Ryan Marshall" is a low, low bar. It worries me how poorly we've recruited in this area and I think we have to broaden our horizons rather than signing up dumplings who have played for BSC Glasgow.
It's a damn shame as well, as we started the game very well and scored a lovely goal courtesy of Tam Orr. It was a lovely counter attack and it looked as though we'd go on to dominate but very quickly Stranraer got a grip of the game and we just couldn't get close. One of the most frustrating aspects of watching us at the moment is our clunky attempts to play the ball out from the back - with the best will in the world, Sean Crighton and Nicky Jamieson aren't good with the ball at their feet and watching them nervously passing the ball between them while no-one drops deep to offer an option is remarkable. If we want to play that way, Adam Corbett should be starting (and I appreciate he wasn't tremendous when he came on yesterday) otherwise we need to rethink our approach.
I don't want to get hysterical but we need to see a massive improvement against Edinburgh City next weekend. We seemed to have put our miserable start to the season behind us but that was stinking and a quite concerning.
At the time I also thought he was at blame for first one too & confirmed by highlights. Powder puff shot straight at him.
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The 1st was worse than the 2nd. At least the 2nd had a bit of pace on it but what was he doing for the first goal? To be fair, not sure there was much he could do with the 3rd (looking at you BJ Coll). Stranraer obviously deserved the win but we gift wrapped all the goals.

It isn't the 1st blooper from Wilson recently - take a look at Kelty's 2nd goal. We have got to get a decent keeper and pronto. Even a half decent one will do.

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48 minutes ago, Vimto90 said:

"Enjoy bottom" really triggers you lot eh emoji38.png. You're having a mare Nelly. Enjoy your Sunday but more importantly.....

Enjoy bottom.

Ohh the patter. Nah dont bother me. I just think your a bellend. Enjoy your Sunday sipping Ribena.

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On 04/12/2021 at 18:09, GallowayBlue said:

It was great to see our captain wearing a rainbow armband.

It was extremely disappointing to hear a Stranraer fan shout a homophobic remark at a Stenhousemuir player.

Did it come from the man with John Deere cap and blue dungarees on? If so I’ve previously reported this person for something similar. 

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