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Q.P. vs Falkirk

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We lose by a barrowload, yet the worst performances of the day are a 5th rate troll, and a hibee still crying somewhere in Housties pocket.

Apart from that: liquidate everyone and everything by 1700 please.

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Fair play to the fans that have stayed to vent at full time. 

As hilarious as Falkirk were at the back we've been utterly tremendous. One thing we haven't done since turning pro is put chances away and we done it in style today.

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Just now, Crawford Bridge said:

Let what go?

I'm enjoying Falkirk's demise.

You're actually bringing a small bit of brightness, in an eternal sea of doom.👍

Knowing that FFC are DEEP inside your consciousness. 😂🤣😂

Usl Championship Soccer GIF by Oakland Roots SC

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What a way to answer your critics. I was one. So pleased for Laurie Ellis who must be grinning from Partick to Mount Florida. I thought we played the way we have been promising for a season and a half. Long may it continue and I have to say to Laurie, did we not tell you about Charlie? He must be a fixture now. Hope Morrison is OK, we can ill afford another lay off.

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