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Q.P. vs Falkirk

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43 minutes ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

QP are struggling but they will get an early scrappy goal here, and gain confidence from that (whilst ours evaporates completely). This will enable them to go on and win 3-0 easily.

Absolute carnage will ensue in the away end, and PS will get mutualled.

Unfortunately, rather than gaining confidence when we go ahead and picking up momentum like most teams would, we're much more likely to shit the bed and forget how to play football altogether.

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15 minutes ago, Skeletar Spider said:

It's rare a game comes along where both sets of fans are equally convinced their team is going to get horsed. May the less shite team win.

seems a repeating feature with us this season.

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32 minutes ago, Newbornbairn said:

Virtually every game this season, opposition fans have scoffed at us when we say how shite we are. They accuse us of playing mind games and being at it.


After the game it's "Jesus Christ, we thought you were joking"

What's weird is basically with that missed penalty and two disallowed goals against QP, our entire season fell to shite immediately afterwards.

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Could be season-defining for both clubs. Lose this, with Airdrie and Mo away next, and we are in the mire. Fox and Murray back? Could well be if the latter is fit. We need him on and firing on all cylinders, preferably up with Boab McHugh.


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13 minutes ago, bairn88 said:

Are away fans usually in the John lambie stand? Seems a bit mental if they’ve opened it just for this game, will be lucky if we take 500 through 

Killie fans were behind the goal; 500 is probably enough to shunt you over there 

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Seems my local bookies have closed the book on it being a draw and aren't taking bets.

However they are offering good odds on the number of times Queens will hit the woodwork.

So I've taken  3x Hits with Connel, Longridge and Murray (if allowed to play) as the perps all at 100/1

Might even win  enough for the Bumper Xmas Hospitality package.

Who says being a Queen's fan ain't an adventure.

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