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Motherwell vs Dundee United - 30th November - 19:45 kick off

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22 minutes ago, Sarto Mutiny said:

We have no midfield. Dylan Levitt and Jeando Fuchs are huge misses.

I’ve seen very little of Hoti before. My immediate thought is he should be playing for Coupar Angus - awful player!

I can’t believe that Courts took Glass off before him, not that Glass has been good either. Then we have Harkes - as a trio, that must be the most powderpuff midfield in top flight history.

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I'd have had Hoti off before Glass, but both have looked really off the pace tonight. They're far from being alone in that regard though.

Cracking finish for Watt's goal, but we'd been asking for it by repeatedly backing off and letting them run at us.

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Just now, Sarto Mutiny said:

It's a bit harsh on Declan Glass, as he hasn't been any worse than anyone else. A change did need to be made, though.

Everything going down left side and Glass not handling it too (well) . Andy Walker is a biased b so ind so 

Danke Shon. 

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Total domination from the ‘Well, although Utd have been every bit as bad we have been good. That being said it’s taken a worldie from Watt for us to go in ahead and despite the pressure we’ve not really troubled Siegrist.
There’s no way Utd can be that bad again in the 2nd half...

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Fuchs style of play and Courts’ tactics has made Harkes a better player, without Fuchs he is far less effective.

We have looked second best right across the park.  I think Glass has been poor and am not surprised at him being subbed but it’s sad when Clark is the only option.

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I didn't even notice Glass got subbed 🤣

Hoti shows flashes of something, what it is I don't know but he's not very capable sadly. Always looks like the ball is getting away from him and he's not in control of it. 

Niskanen kept dropping back far too much but I don't think he trusts Hoti behind him so he's trying to help McMann out. 

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