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Will Smith bankrupt

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17 minutes ago, pub car king said:

No wonder his marriage is in the shitter. Man is out spunking it away on the chippendales.

I’m guessing his missus said she was a fan of Chippendales but his google search sent him down the wrong road.

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1 hour ago, Busta Nut said:

One movie will sort him


According to imdb.com, he's producing two at the moment.

You would think his talentless wee gobshite of a son could give him a sub. After all, the only reason he has a career is because of his parents.

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12 hours ago, Mark Knopfler said:

Apparently spent most of his money on antiques. Has anyone here ever blown their fortune on antiques?

I've googled this hoping to pick up some bargains to help him out, but all I can find are ancient tax problems.

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