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QoS vs Partick Thistle - Saturday 4 December 2021

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11 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

Goldenboy keeps his place and our on loan Carthorse gets right back in after Junior put in one of his best performances of the season.

The saddest thing about it is that it's of absolutely no surprise.

It is harsh on Junior.

I thought Johnston played well the other night.

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In the 7 games Cameron has started the team has scored 5 goals.  In the last 2 games Junior has started and we've scored 4.

Johnston did play well at right back the other night but I expect he'll be back in midfield today at McGrory's expense.

The only thing that is guaranteed with AJ's teams selections is that he will disappoint you.

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But for a decent save, an unlucky bounce after a cracking Connolly shot and a complete wonder save from the Thistle GK, we'd be winning here...

Pleasantly surprised that we haven't shit the bed with our approach. Still can't believe he has Gibson at CB. Nditi seems to be playing wherever he likes in the middle. Johnston hasn't done much wrong but I'd like to see Gibson swapped with him, Nditi at CB where he belongs and another CM on.

Thistle haven't really laid a glove on us but we aren't strong enough at the back to avoid it all game.

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The woodwork again!!

Don't take the credit away from the 'keeper

That was a genuinely outstanding save. You'll be hard pushed to see another as good all weekend across the country. I think even Connolly congratulated him at HT.
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We're just shading this although there's not much in it. 

I fully expect Graham to be introduced before too long as Rudden is having to cover too much ground for the Jags.

This tactic of chucking every throw in - even those won deep in our own half - to Cameron is bloody annoying.  If he does manage to win the ball he's flicking it into the space he's vacated to come deep for the throw.

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Absolutely bizarre he’s got Gibson at centre half still. 

It’s been a pretty scrappy game but we’ve played fairly well. Ridiculous save to tip that Connelly strike onto the bar.

Keep Brian Graham on the bench please. 

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3 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

Don't take the credit away from the 'keeper emoji38.png

No slight intended, just an exclamation of frustration on my part.

A really positive performance from Queens so far. Fingers crossed they can keep it up.

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Well I’ve seen more exciting games. Game sort of fizzled out. Thistle had more of the ball last 15 and I was nervous as usual, but we defended well. Given our respective league positions I should be pleased with a point, but we need to get 3 points occasionally.

Starting at Dunfermline next week….



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