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Dundee vs. St Johnstone

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Wonder if we might go with Rooney at centre half and MOH at wing back after its effectiveness in the game at McDiarmid.

Will I still be paying £24 to sit in the freezing cold watching an utterly pathetic game of football? Yes. Am I excited? No. 

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8 hours ago, Theyellowbox said:

Really by current form and our complete lack of ability to do anything in an attacking sense, Dundee should be pretty comfortable here. If we are to avoid a complete collapse this season, this is the kind of game we need to win or at the very least, not loose. 


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I’m obviously not up to date with what went on. The last I read you were boasting yer Mrs pumped the Hoff, were you just spoofing

Tam’s trying a little too hard on the ‘I’m not bothered, nothing to see here’ vibe. One things for sure he’ll not be travelling on the train.
This is exactly the sort of game where we shite the best. It will be at best Dundee 0 Sainties 2.
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20 minutes ago, The Saintee said:

Why's that? 

None of you are remotely bothered about Saints I thought.

I’m not surprised you’re trying to turn my comment into some sort of rivalry chat. My comment is based on the extreme overconfidence coming from a good few St J fans.

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