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Dundee vs. St Johnstone

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44 minutes ago, Robin.Hood said:

Ah gd day.

Both me and a mate won exact same bet. Probably best day of the year tbh. Unreal timing 

Much love 


I have no idea how folk do this. I don’t think I’ve ever predicted the right player to get booked.

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Guest Wieghortsnut
28 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:


Jordan 'Man of the Match' Marshall, yeah?

Jordan (same name as my mates missus) Marshall 

She makes poor decisions aswel

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2 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

Was Griffiths not offside?

I wasn't paying attention tbh, but the camera focussed on him afterwards.

The ref said it was Sweeney with his arms over the defender at the time. Very soft.

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1 hour ago, Yenitit said:

Right Saintees, were one of these E2 and Viv characters number 17 tonight? f**k me that boy was stinking. 

That was the dynamic E2. Tbf he had their best attempt of the game, though it looked way more dangerous all the way over from the Coxy than it does on a replay.

Viv looked decent, was about the only one who could get a proper cross in for them in the 2nd half. By the time he's up to speed though he'll be away back to England in January.

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