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Scotland v Ukraine


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3 minutes ago, buchan30 said:

That is 68 minutes in and their keeper hasn’t been properly tested.

His country has been invaded and he's having to watch this pish.

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It was actually hard to get that off target. Fucking McGinn. Iwelumo for the modern age. 

I fancy if he did the simple thing there and scored we'd have got a 2nd as well. He's completely fucked this for us.

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2 minutes ago, Glennie said:

pushing McTominay into midfield and suddenly we're competing

mcginn you fucking fuckfucking f**k

It was the obvious change to make after 20 minutes. 

Unfortunately, our manager is a clueless diddy who failed miserably in the English Championship.

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Ukraine are playing really well - they were always going to be up for this. But we're making them look like Brazil in the 70s.

Painfully obvious the 'narrative' has got into the squad's head this week (including Clarke's by the ridiculous way he set the team up tonight), they genuinely look terrified to be on the pitch tonight. I can deal with us being shite, but this meek pish can get in the sea. That's not the way we play and it's not something I ever thought I would see from this current team in a playoff situation.

McGinn's absolute sitter the perfect example of how timid we've been.



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Just now, Cardle is Magic said:

Will be some buzz around these shite Nations League games now, eh?

Who else can't wait to watch us play Armenia next week - ooft!

It's okay, those matches are on a channel with roughly twelve subscribers. I'll watch a film.

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