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What does your namesake do?


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Other than Sledgehammer, I've no idea what any of these songs are! Also, I'd no idea that song was about shagging until today.

Quite liked his score to The Last Temptation of Christ, though.

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1. A critically aclaimed American author of whom I've never heard.
2. A dentist about 60 miles away.

1. The imdb.com profile of a writer who worked on several American TV shows from 1969 to 2006.
2. The author Google listed first.

I was an English MP for several years although my ungrateful constituents voted for someone else last time out. I've also worked as a writer on Dr. Who, authored a science fiction book before I was born and have a well respected photography studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I know this because everyone I know who has visited Santa Fe has made a point of telling me.  

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i'm an author


the lead character in a movie that has a current score of 5.9  on IMDB  


i'm a little twat from a shithole in North Lanarkshire who put 2 dozen stab wounds in his friend


{they say there is a book in everyone, but i doubt i could write one, i'm nowhere near handsome enough to be a lead character in a hollywood movie, and thankfully i have no friends to stab, it would've been a real low point to have the most in common with that little cunty buckfast monster}

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I'm assuming you chaps are entering your full name ?

With my middle name  on Google I come up as on an Australian War Memorial having died in 1942 at the age of 21 in Trinidad and Tobago.  I was a pilot and presumably crashed.  Feck knows what I was doing during WW2 in the west Indies ?

Dropping the middle name i'm a German music producer & DJ.

Bing  still the Ausie pilot

Dropping the middle name is a shocker. I come up as the subject of a book on Amazon.   About how decades after abusing boys at a school they all got back together to bring me to justice.   Fuckthat.

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Something my kids told me about so I thought I'd bring it here. Enter your real name into Google and Bing, and list the top result here. If you are the top result, go for the next top one. What does your most famous namesake do?
Google: A Welsh boxer's instagram account. Looks like he won a championship and retired last year.
Bing: Bloody hell. A twitter profile that starts with that sensitivity warning. A young Irishman who describes himself as a "hung twink" with an OnlyFans account.
An Australian poet and novelist.

An ex-footballer for Elgin, Peterhead and Cove Rangers..

An actor who appeared in the 2021 Christmas ad for Very.

A senior lecturer in Engineering at Newcastle University.

A Principal Teacher for another subject at a school in Dundee.

I occasionally get his emails (but he doesn't get mine).

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58 minutes ago, superbigal said:

I'm assuming you chaps are entering your full name ?

Only one match for my full name on the whole internet; a genealogy entry for some Glaswegian lad who was born more than 200 years ago and died at the age of 32 (so, about average for Glasgow).

The only place I'll show up under my full name will be on government databases. No, not those kinds of databases. And no, not because my middle name is something unusual and embarrassing like Gaylord either, smart arse. Aren't you on form today.

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Google - Academy Development manager with St. James Wealth Management (LinkedIn)

Bing - Same guy.

I am 2nd on the list both times. Obviously not a lot of folk with my name in the world.

Edit: If I put my 'Sunday name' in it comes up with some poker player. Hendon Mob Poker Database.


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