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Thanksgiving Day 2021


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Bittersweet 31-6 win for Buffalo with All Pro corner Tre White almost certainly done for the season with suspected ACL tear. 

Defence absolutely smothered the Saints (6 is the joint lowest points they've scored in the super dome in 19 years) and despite 2 interceptions Josh also threw 4TDs and only 3 other incompletions outside the picks. 

With home games vs the Jets, Falcons and Panthers still to come a playoff berth should be on but still feels as if there's too many holes in the team to get past the divisional round at furthest. 

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Just Watched the highlights of the late game. Bills looked pretty good again. Dawson Knox is a very good TE. Saints tho……wow that was ugly.


26 accepted penalties in the Cowboys-Raiders game including 4 DPI calls on Anthony Brown of the Cowboys. D-Jax had him on toast. 

f**k the Cowboys 

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3 hours ago, WullieBroonIsGod said:

I am saying this blindly as I haven't seen any of the late game, but surely Hill has to take over from Siemien in NO?

I get that there was absolutely zero supporting cast there last night, but the box score makes grim, grim reading. 

It was every bit as bad as the box score shows! And has been for a few weeks, Siemian has padded his stats with late comebacks/ Garbage time points but Saints always seem to be playing from miles behind and while the defence is good they can't take up that much slack! 

Not sure what the deal is with Hill, he had been dealing with concussion but given what the Saints are paying him I can't work out why they don't play him! 

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