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Thanksgiving Day 2021


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Thanksgiving means 3 things in America. Family, Food and Football. The NFL on Turkey day is a tradition going back to 1934. This years fixtures are as follows

Bears @ Lions - 5.30pm

Raiders @ Cowboys - 9.30pm

Bills @ Saints - 01.20am

Both starting QBs are doubts in the Bears vs Lions game. So get ready for a matchup between Andy Dalton and Tim Boyle to kick off your thanksgiving day watching. 


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1 minute ago, Antiochas III said:

Dallas suck on Thanksgiving.  Do it for the Football Team 😉

Do it for for us all. Could you imagine if their was a Patriots vs Cowboys SuperBowl? I genuinely don’t think I could watch. The Eagles vs Patriots from a few years back was hard enough 

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Chicago vs Lions could put the pilgrims off of their turkey. LV @ Dallas has potential for another Cowboys loss. Bills @ New Orleans should be the pick of the bunch but neither side is firing on all cylinders yet...

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1 minute ago, lichtie23 said:

That’s an absolutely pathetic atmosphere in Detroit 

Kinda like how I imagine the Pro Bowl to be, not that I'm ever bored enough to watch it.  Is this the shittest Thanksgiving matchup ever?

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