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St Mirren v Livingston 20/11

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35 minutes ago, Ric said:

Really? I mean I like Tait, but not sure about that.

I was hoping that Millar would prove to be better but that has failed to materialise so far. Against Motherwell Tait had 3 decent attempts on target which I think is more than Millar has had in all games played. Tait is better defensively and although his crossing ain't great (and neither is Millar's) he gets in the box frequently and is far more subtle in gaining advantage over an opponent. Tait ain't great but in the games against Well and the Fakes he has provided the best displays we have had this season at RWB (not really saying much to be fair).

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1 hour ago, EdinburghLivi said:

Probably thinks he's being funny with his "wind-ups".

Revisionist history from him as well. Marvin Bartley had just been racially abused and he came onto the thread thinking it was a good time to bring up Bartley threatening a woman for a bit of balance. 

Horrible poster.

It's not revisionism to call out two things that were bad.

Racist abuse of anyone is abhorrent and anyone responsible for it should be banned and prosecuted.

Threatening women is also bad, and making someone who has a conviction for this the SFA equality and diversity champion seems an odd choice, despite his excellent work in fighting racism. Not really sure why this is a controversial point, though I do acknowledge that ethics in West Lothian can be a bit skewed from the rest of us.

Anyway, back to the football. I fear the worst here, given the superior standard of football we here Livi are playing. 3-0 to them.

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Marcus talking about his wee boy cheering him at games and Curtis Mains wee lad gate crashing the live interview was brilliant. Real feel good atmosphere about the club right now.

As for the game……….to quote Reidy………scrappy 1-0 for Saints.

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HT 0-0
Yeah, it’s the same physical, competitive, tight encounter that it always is when we play Livi.
I’d say the away side have probably been the better team. They certainly had the best chance, which was a header just wide after about 10 mins. Should have scored. Bailey has been the best player on the park and has caused a lot of problems down out left.
We haven’t really got going moving forward. Still feel that our central midfield duo of Flynn and Power doesn’t work. They’re too similar and slow.
First goals the winner I think. Probably finish 0-0.

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