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Clyde v Fifers

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A win is a must- 5 points aff bottom at 4-45 needs tae be the case. Hope we get a pen tae see if Danny and Alan were 2 of the 16 watching oor Boycey oan the podcast last night. 
ally to take the pens aff Goody and tae lead oot the team.

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Our centre-half pairing are painfully slow. We’ve had some nice moments on the ball, a Goodwillie effort saved, a very narrow offside call stopping the same player from going through, Love taking his eye off the ball and missing a free header from six yards out. However, we’ve had some big let offs too. Connell’s rebound from Parry’s save and the non-award of a penalty for what looked like a Docherty handball.

Both teams have had wee spells on top, I just really wish we had a creative player in that midfield. There’s not a lot linking the midfield and Goodwillie unfortunately. Kennedy is quite a tidy player but would really benefit getting into that gym.

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Was the handball as obvious as it looked? We should probably be 1 up with the chances but our midfield is so so poor. Clyde not created much but can get into our final third relatively easily. Watt and Semple have no idea where they should be and are constantly putting our full backs under pressure.

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