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Che Adams Appreciation Thread

Lyle Lanley

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Che Adams really impressed me this week on a couple of occasions. First of all I thought he couldn’t play the lone striker role and had to play off a target man like he’s done in the past with Dykes for Scotland and Ings/Armstrong for Southampton. He went out and played the lone role excellently in the centre of a 3-4-3 in both games.


I thought his finishing could have been better in the Denmark game. Firstly he should have burst the top corner midway through the first half when Gilmour’s cross for Christie somehow broke for Adams, then again when he hit the post in the second half (albeit that second one wouldn’t have counted anyway)


Then he went and shut me up with a beautiful finish from a counter attack when he could have very feasibly gone straight at the goalkeeper. 

I still lean towards Adams/Dykes as a pair because it allows Adams to drop deep and get involved in the build up play whereas Dykes is the poacher, but if Clarke prefers to play the 3-4-3 for more width with McGinn wide right and Christie wide left then I prefer Adams over Dykes if only one is playing. 

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My first camp was difficult, I didn't know anyone, but Stuart [Armstrong] was there and he put his arm around me. Being there together made it a little bit easier. He's been so helpful. When Stuart and I are up there we're always talking about the Southampton lads and what they're up to on their days off but when we're down here we're always talking about Scotland and Friday's draw.

It's going to be massive, that game. We've got a home play-off, which is great. All being well we get a good team - but not too good though I want the easiest draw possible but the six are all difficult teams to play against, I've played against a couple and it's not going to be easy but that's just like the Premier League, it's never easy. It's straight in, I've not had barely any time off this year, since turning into an international, but I'll be relishing it and enjoying it.

Che Adams on his time with the Scotland National Team.



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Gets another goal for Saints tonight.
A diving header apparently. Quite encouraging as at times for us it didn't look like he fancied that sort of finish (the chance he had Vs the Czechs in the Euros springs to mind - when he awkwardly tried to take it with a high-ish foot instead of launching the heed at it).

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Absolute world class finish. He has been a pain in their arse all game. Looks a great player. I have been critical of some of his misses in a Scotland jersey but he looks the real deal here.

Armstrong just blazed one over the bar, normally so composed as well.

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