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Arbroath v Queens

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4 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

That's what I thought. Pardon the ignorance but what's the relevance?

"The club's crest is also of interest. It focuses on a portcullis which is symbolic of Arbroath Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 1178 while in 1320 it was the venue for the signing of the 'Declaration of Arbroath' (which resulted in Scottish independence from England).

The crest's red / maroon background represents the sandstone from which the Abbey and and many other buildings in the town were built. This sandstone was taken from the cliffs which are a recognisable feature of the coastline of the town and the county of Angus."


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Given almost everyone expected a comfortable Arbroath win we can't complain with a point. Would have taken it beforehand that's for sure.

Watched on a shitty Pixelot stream so I can't comment too much on the action but everyone ran themselves into the ground which was pleasing to see. Arbroath had plenty of chances but we had chances to win it as well. As we know from last week, chances mean nothing if you don't take them.

Special mention to Sol Brynn though. He was almost written off after a couple of games for us by some posters. Other than his kicking he hasn't put a foot wrong in the last few weeks. Some vital saves today as well. I've liked what I've saw of Rae but he isn't getting back in any time soon.

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22 minutes ago, afc_36_0 said:

Ref has been murder again

He certainly gave some soft fouls to Arbroath, yes.

Both sides had really good chances to win that, so it would have been harsh on either side to lose.

Frustrating that Queens, once again, sat so deep after going a goal ahead only to, inevitably, concede an equaliser. Also a bit baffled as to why we played the ball on the ground when Cameron was up front yet decide to start punting it forward to Roy after Cameron moved out wide.

That was probably Debayos best game at centre back and him at McKay kept Nouble pretty quiet. Unfortunately, Arbroath have plenty of other quality in the team!


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Misses galore but a really good watch it has to be said. 

Really frustrating that we took our foot off the gas after scoring - will AJ never learn that we aren't good enough to sit back on a one goal lead?

Let's take a moment though to thank Sol Brynn for his saves today.  I've not been overly impressed by him in the past but he won us that point today.

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