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Aberdeen vs Motherwell - 6th November

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Defence and attack are OK and pretty much what I would choose barring McGinley for Carrol.

But this exposes how weak we are in midfield. Worryingly where Aberdeen are quite strong. 

Hope there are strong winds and rain and that acts as a leveller otherwise it will be a long and shite international break 😳

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Assuming Slattery has a knock. The fact there has been not effort to change the shape has fucked me.


ETA: (I am giving GA the benefit of the doubt with Slattery, for now)

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2 minutes ago, lubo_blaha said:

Reminds me of the time we went into this fixture with a midfield of Zak Vyner, Greg Leigh and John Gallagher.

That was the one game where Vyner and Leigh looked like midfielders wasn't it. We've gone from having no recognised CMs in the team for that game to six for this one. 

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Slattery has to be on the bench for a precautionary reason .... surely? ..... please tell me it's so

As for McGinley how that imposter continues to hold down a start ahead of Carroll, I do not and will never fathom.

We are going to get our arses handed to us twice in 6 days I fear. Saying that same fixture last year we walked it 3-0 when we were equally medicore.

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