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Hearts v United 6 November 2021

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Well beaten in the end. Far too open at the back and some of our best players weren’t at it, Fuchs in particular was poor by his own standards. Impressed with Hearts again, struggled to deal with their pressing and pace up front, Neilson got it spot on. 

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That was a humping.  We have been gifting goals to the opposition for last few weeks so no surprise Hearts took advantage of our generosity.

Even though we are only 3 points behind Hearts, we have to be realistic and keep looking over our shoulder at the teams closing in on us.  I doubt we will be fourth for much longer, in fact a couple of more performances like that over next few weeks and we could be out top six.


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Enjoyed it as a football match, but have to be critical of the United defence as a unit. It looked a mistake to start Mulgrew carrying an injury, and I don't think that helped McMann on the left side. 

Beaton was as clueless as ever, missing some fouls while awarding free kicks for imaginary offences. This for both teams.

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.Clearly Pittodrie was a wake up call. That’s the best game I’ve been to in a long while

I think it’s safe to say that the experiment of having Woodburn deputise for Boyce was a success.I now feel daft for worrying about it

Fair play to United, dragging themselves back into contention from two down twice showed spirit and tenacity even if doing it a third time was too big an ask.

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Mid table fodder like Aberdeen coming in passing judgement on a top 4 game.

After aberdonians dressing up a 2-0 home defeat to Motherwell as some kind of victory over Dundee United I assume we’ll have Motherwell fans taking the piss out of Hearts for not keeping a clean sheet next
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