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Normal Island

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1 hour ago, Barry Ferguson's Hat said:

Not once has a dog so much as said 'hello' to me. They can get fucked as far as I'm concerned.

Pish. Every time a dog walks toward you wagging its tail it's saying hello. Not once my eye.

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2 hours ago, Todd_is_God said:

NHS Staff clapping themselves, whilst bunched together, during the peak of the first wave amidst stay at home orders for everyone else.



Maybe it's my memory but I seem to remember most nurses being total wids. That's shameful.

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1 hour ago, BillyAnchor said:

Maybe it's my memory but I seem to remember most nurses being total wids. That's shameful.

A quarter of UK nurses are obese (not just overweight, but obese)


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I've always had what I'd deemed to be an irrational hatred of the general public. People in general annoy me and I thought maybe I was the issue.

This thread confirms that I'm right. The general public are fucking idiots and I hate every one of them.

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1 hour ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:

I’ll confess there was an element of selection process.

Anyway - major news for this island.

If someone could repost the one with dear old Captain Tom instead of the snowman I’d be forever grateful (chuckled for days over that one).


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The Insulate Britain thread is a pretty good illustration of some of the defining characteristics of Normal Island, mainly amongst the generation who are currently middle aged:

  • A belief that not only is a better world impossible, but believing the opposite is both silly and extremely suspicious.
  • A very real poor understanding of almost all structural matters i.e. a perception of socio-economic class as being mainly accent-based.
  • The internet coming into their lives in their 20s and 30s breaking their brains to the point that in order to argue with strangers on the internet they have to pretend to be stupid, sometimes to the point that they have to pretend that they can't read.
  • A weirdos deference to business, especially the beloved SME.
  • In some cases directly saying you want to piss on people because they're causing some mild inconvenience to some motorists a few hundred miles away while protesting for what any reasonable person would describe as a very good cause.  

The Scottish variation on the above is holding almost exclusively opinions which could come from any Conservative manifesto but expecting a big old pat on the back because "ah hate Toaries!"

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