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Glass's Galacticos v Neilson's Numpties

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52 minutes ago, Kyle Reese said:

Absolutely, it’s very early I agree. Hoped that was apparent from my post. However, I think if we were to win today, I’d be expecting Aberdeen to finish no higher than fourth. If Aberdeen were to win, then I think they will get themselves back in the mix for the European slots. I meant what I said previously, I think Aberdeen are the best side outside of the current top four, and over the next few weeks I expect them to climb above the other teams below Dundee United. The Levein season you mention, where we had that phenomenal start was gut wrenching. It was a collapse unlike pretty much anything I’ve ever seen. We were very reliant on Stevie Naismith, and once he got injured along with about half a dozen of our other most important players, we fell apart and never recovered. I think we have a better squad now though. Younger guys with energy, and better players outside the first 11. This squad feels a lot less fragile.

We’re a long way from thinking about European football tbh and even if we won today we would be. 

Well only finish in a decent position if we can find a way to consistently beat the sides that will just let us have the ball and break on us. Until we can do that we are looking at mid table at very best. 

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13 hours ago, afc_blockhead said:

Correct. That new stand wee budge blew way too much on (whilst failing to add more corporate space) that looks like an 80s office block from the outside doesnt persuade me Tynecastle isnt also shit.

The 80's office block still looks better than 90% of Scotlands grounds. The corporate space gag is lost on me, if anything we have more space than we planned for. 


Back to the football, Aberdeen ragged dolled us second half at Tynecastle. We have improved since then and Aberdeen have turned a wee corner. Should be a few goals in thus I reckon. 

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32 minutes ago, naegoodinthedark said:

I quite like that Hearts strip.

I like the lack of a sponsor. Other than that it looks like an off the shelf sunday league top.

Enjoyed this game so far. A hard working Hearts team so far resisting the irresistable red wave. Deccy a surprisingly good commentator.

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2 minutes ago, naegoodinthedark said:

Any confirmation of thousands of Hearts fans in the home end?


I can't really see any.

Can't tell if it's plus or minus 5000 so far...

Unpopular opinion time...I think I prefer Campbell at left back than Mackenzie.

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