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Goodwillie v fans fault Falkirk

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Having watched Clydebank on Monday, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they beat us. Hopefully the Falkirk fans believe just how bad we are now! Absolutely garbage again today. Terrible football and hardly laid a glove on Falkirk all day.

I see no way, other than a January miracle, that we stay up. As others have said, sending Parry up and then playing a short corner sums this shower up.

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A win. And a deserved win at that although it really has to be said just how fucking bad Clyde are.

I’ll start with positives first. I thought Charlie Telfer was comfortably the best player on the park and thoroughly deserved his goal at the end, some engine from him btw to run the length of the pitch in the last minute. He probably had a better first half than second but much better from him and good to see him getting on the ball in the attacking third a lot more. Another game where Paul Dixon strolled it. Leon McCann was a lot better as well especially going forward and I can’t think of anything that Gary Miller fucked up. Stevie Hetherington getting sent off is tremendous as well but judging by the reaction I’m worried that it means it could be appealed.

Both our wingers are rancid. Great goal from McGuffie like but it was the only thing he didn’t f**k up the whole game and McDaid can f**k off back to Dundee whenever he likes absolute passenger. Hetherington of course his usual shite self before getting sent off and despite the goal thought Ruth was abysmal his complete lack of strength and hold up play slows us down so much.

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We are an awful awful team, sending Parry up for a short corner to then get caught on a counter to kill the game is classic classic Clyde atm. We are as good as relegated at this point. Our only hope is to not be so far adrift come January that someone, anyone can save our season 

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Think we are the bellwether for gauging how crap any team in this league actually is. Today from us was just the latest in a sequence of bleak performances (exception for last week I guess). Thing is, it’s another game with no green shoots of recovery, no corner turned. Just more of the same old same old, but we benefitted hugely from being up against the weakest excuse for a Clyde team in what???…….a decade or so?

As mentioned above, we won’t get an easier win this season. If Krasniqi doesn’t get a start next game, the seethe will be epic.

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