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St Mirren - Dundee, 30/10

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6 hours ago, McG said:

Kiltie looked decent lastnight, should of scored that free header at the end but headed it straight at the keeper, if he was playing with confidence that would of hit the back of the net but it will come, the team shape, organisation and team spirit looks as good as I’ve seen it for years to be honest.

Agreed. Which means, in true St Mirren style, we will lose this 3-0.

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46 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

In case any of you can’t get enough of @Granny Danger ‘s Dundee patter he’s also on the Aberdeen v Hearts thread talking about Dundee there as well.  Don’t all rush at once now.

Oh, and apparently he rarely posts about us. 😉

I hope my involvement offers you a distraction from your woes.

FWIW I sympathise with your plight.  I recall going to games when Laszlo was our manager hoping we would get horsed so he would get sacked.  It’s not what you want to be doing as a supporter.

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2 hours ago, ZingaliMan said:

I'm really surprised given the strikers you have you gave Hearts a hard game getting a draw. 

I know. If our strikers were getting half decent service from more than just Adam we might win.

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3 hours ago, Spikethedee said:

Not a chance in the world of that happening. Will run down the Provie Road in a DAB top and a pink tutu if that comes to pass...

I’ll join you if that happens with a tutu but am I f**k wearing a dab tap. Topless for me…

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10 hours ago, flyingscot said:

I'll never forget Beaton's performance in the playoff via Dundee United. As ridiculously one sided as it comes. 

Give Utd a penalty for fuckall, don't send off Connolly but send off Nazon.

Cheatin Beaton clearly hadn't anticipated the Czech Wall.

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We’ve seen it all before so many times, we play a team allegedly low on confidence on the back of a thrashing. I’m hopeful that Jim has installed a different mindset in the players and we can get the win, we look and play like a very different side from the one that started the season.

Looking forward to seeing Danny Mullen, but when the game kicks off he’s just another opposition player. 

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Bizarrely, I'm a bit more confident today. James McPake, for all his wrong doing (and he should be punted, I need to add) is usually good at getting a result after a disaster. We tended to go on little mini-runs after a nightmare under McPake in his first 2 seasons and with Celtic coming up next week, I can see us sneaking a draw. If we win, I'd maybe hold off on punting him because despite being completely inept tactically and embarrassing the club multiple times with the performances his teams put in during his tenure he does ultimately end up hitting all his targets in that we finished in the play-offs first season and got promoted last season. The style its done in is absolutely pathetic (hence how he should go) but he has a habit of getting there in the end.

Proof will be in the pudding tomorrow.

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