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St Mirren - Dundee, 30/10

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On 26/10/2021 at 10:07, Doonhame Buddie said:

Thanks for that.  I’ve looked again and I still can’t find the link on the OS.  

It's there if you look Doonhame........ to be fair though they've cunningly disguised it behind a "Matchday Ticket" banner 😉


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37 minutes ago, Doonhame Buddie said:

Is that the pc site?  Doesn’t look like that on my iPhone.  

You’re correct. Best get @Div to have a word, as that site on the iPhone display does not take you into buying a matchday ticket. That website is still advertising season tickets. Why don’t they have click on links on the fixture list?

@buddie06smfc link does work though https://www.stmirren.com/tickets.shtml

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A pretty solid first round of fixtures for Saints. We finish the first 11 games having only lost to the top 3 sides in the league.

Wonder if Eamonn Brophy will get his long awaited home goal. He's been in excellent form away from Paisley with 5 goals on his travels so far this season including a goal at Dens on day one.

This one will be tight, hate playing teams who are just off the back of a horsing, especially one with Cummings and Griffiths in it.

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1 minute ago, djchapsticks said:

This one will be tight

It took us under a minute to concede against you lot on our return to the league. We have just been battered at home. Our manager sadly hasn't a clue. Our GD is impressive. You will score this I have no doubt about. Its a matter of how many 

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