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Cove Rangers v Queens


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53 minutes ago, Marinello said:

'Well fan here. Going to Cove as their ground is the last senior ground for me to visit. I also very much like the early rounds of the Scottish Cup where honest endeavour and the dream of getting a 'big team' in the following round makes for great excitement.

This season I took in Newtongrange Vs Dalbeattie in first round and St Cuthbert Wanderers Vs Gala Fairydean Rovers in the second. 

If Cove Vs QOS offers the same interest then a good day is assured 

Fwiw I see Cove edging it but if QOS can play like they did at Fir Park in League Cup then they could be in the hat for 4 th round 

Queens aren't playing anything like they were in the League Cup. Back then we had such a small squad that the team pretty much picked itself, and the players looked eager and looked like they knew their job. Now we have a bigger squad, Johnston tinkers with line-ups, plays players out of their best positions and shoehorns his son into every team. Our top scorer was out with an injury, and now he's fit doesn't seem to be favoured for a starting spot, instead we play Innes Cameron from Killie up front and launch the ball up to him. If Cove Rangers have an off day we might scrape through but it could even need a replay. 

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Very little chance I was going to the  game, and the weather forecast has finally made my mind up for me.  pity really as I would like to have  ticked another ground off my list. I've purchased the stream, again a toss of the coin decision, but at least I can have my anticipated meltdown in the comfort of my armchair. Hopefully the Management and players put everything into this Cup tie, defeat isn't so bad if they at least look like they give a toss instead of simply going through the motions.

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Thing is .... I really doubt if Cove Rangers will be able to cope with Queens incessant, relentless forward gegen-pressing work ethic, and of course once we have possession our sharp one-touch quick passing triangles with constant off-the-ball movement is going to have the Cove defence/midfield spinning.  For the sake of any neutrals and a good game, you have to hope that Cove can get to half-time no more than three nil down ....... "aw, c'mon nurse FFS, I've taken my meds this morning and I don't need to be locked back in my room until 5 pm ...."  😜

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1 hour ago, Parttimesupporter said:


Like your avatar photo there Parttimesupporter ... looks like Alan Ball against Rangers, the cup quarter final back in the late 70's perhaps with the old coo shed in the background?

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