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Partick Thistle vs Dunfermline Athletic

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For the vast majority of that it was pretty bad to watch, very direct football with our only plan being "Let's hope the Thistle defence makes a c**t of it". They've had some dodgy moments but realistically neither side looked likely to score in that half, pretty rough. 

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Referee letting things go if it is soft, I like that tbf just get on with the game.

Fairly even game. Thistle haven’t had a clear cut chance. We had an unreal chance for O’Hara on the turn but a Partick player blocked it.

Usual shite though. Gifting the ball away and treating it like a hot tottie. We honestly don’t look like we have a plan on getting a goal when we have possession. Just lumping it forward hoping for a set piece.

One goal to win it, probably a fluke for Thistle the way our luck is going.

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2 minutes ago, oneteaminglasgow said:

He also talks complete shite.

He does, but anyone who talks for 90 minutes non stop is going to do that. Just calm doon man. 


We've looked better this half, particularly since Wilson came on. 

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Grant is just firefighting for draws as a minimum and looking to knick results. That is evident from the hoofball and telling Pybus and Allan to just sit back.

We are honestly so fucked. We had the best chances today right enough. Tight angle for Wighton but was hopeful he would do better. Some of the players just look a shell of themselves.

Connolly the best player on the park. We need to keep him beyond January.

Not much else to add really. We have the players but Grant is not utilising them, because he is a terrible manager. Again, he’s just telling them to defend at all costs and don’t lose whatever you do. Poor to watch. Can’t keep that up forever.

Brilliant to see Wilson back. Wee bit off but he has genuine quality we need. Again, I do think we have the players, but it’s just not working under Grant. We all know the board are going to stick by him anyway, so no use moaning about him being the manager.

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