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Bring back three former players

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This would likely be something I'd change every week tbh.

Jody Morris -  An absolute baller. Stood about 4ft tall and First Division cloggers thought they could just melt him, but they couldn't get near him. Strolled the top flight too. Because of him I'm now determined every Saints side needs a short arse playmaker controlling the game. Liam Craig does the job well but he can't play the incisive passes through the middle, which Morris could.

Jason Scotland - Still convinced he's the best striker who I've seen at Saints, despite him only playing in the First Division. Just had it all. Would be fine on his own two workers supporting him, or would work well with Kane or May. Proper striker the missing link for us.

Dave Mackay - Can't help but feel he'd be perfect for right side of this back 3 we play. 

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3 minutes ago, Empty It said:
12 minutes ago, Dons_1988 said:
Thinking relatively recently and what the current side needs…Russell Anderson, James Maddison, Ryan Fraser for some actual pace…

Shame its ex players and not managers.

Actually if we could get a young Stephen glass back playing I’d take it. 

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Just now, Moomintroll said:

Based on our current needs & with apologies to Dragoje Lekovic as Zach Hemmings is decent I would say in my lifetime

Freddie Dindeleux

Alexei Eremenko

Kris Boyd

I’m sure the OP stated the championship has a thread already. 

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