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Unbeaten Hearts v Rampant Dundee

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18 hours ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

Might well be barebones for this one, but we pretty much were tonight as well.

We usually give Hearts a doing once a season, so you never know. Somebody needs to put an end to this mickey mouse "title run" anyway.

probably but you can have dollars to doughnuts it wont be you relegation certs doing it. Duds

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4 hours ago, Empty It said:
4 hours ago, topcat(The most tip top) said:
Did you mean "Etc." or are you suggesting Electro convulsive therapy

Great post either way

I was obviously referring to electro convulsive therapy.

That’s a shock.

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21 hours ago, topcat(The most tip top) said:

It turns out that we have prior claim.


Lost the second half 1-0

This one arguably cost you the title - https://www.londonhearts.com/scores/games/196502271.html

ETA: That London Hearts site is first class

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3 minutes ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

Hope we pump these covid passport checking fannies.

Looking forward to the day out. No reason to fear these kilt wearing whallopers if Adam and Griffiths are playing. 

Thank you.

I'd have thought a team with as many obese players as Dundee would be in favour of Covid passports tbh

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13 hours ago, Lyle Lanley said:

I have no contribution to this fixture but here you are. 


Is that the biggest shite the bed moment from a Scottish club in history? 

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