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2022/2023 Uefa Nations League


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Tough draw but in theory could've been worse :

Ukraine are very good and will be tough. 

ROI could be very tough too if it's the team that pushed Portugal all the way. However if it's the hopeless team that lose at home to Luxembourg then 6 points is possible. 

Armenia are hopeless so 6 points is all but guaranteed. However they gave the world System of a Down so have my respect for that. 

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1 minute ago, craigkillie said:

Looked at it before because I've always fancied visiting Armenia - think you have to go via Paris or something like that. Can even be hard to get there with just one stop sometimes.

Aye, Paisley to Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Orly/CdG  and on to Yerevan are some possible routes.

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Moving forward aren't sure what the best case scenario is for Scotland win this group and get to the play offs right away,does what take our eye of the group when it comes?By already being there do we start under performing,or does the bold Stevie start doing very un Stevie like things like start picking a new half dozen players for the squad slowly introducing them two at a time in each new squad



Hickey defo the obvious 



J Paterson




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15 hours ago, Marten said:

Netherlands with Wales, Belgium and Poland. Wales is a good one for me to go to. I'm now hoping Poland v Netherlands and Ukraine v Scotland are within a few days of each other. Would be the perfect double header. 

For once the fixtures actually work out, Poland v Netherlands on Thursday 22/9 & Ukraine v Scotland on Monday 26/9. That's going to be a cracking trip away if all works out. 🍻

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Saturday 4th June - Armenia (h)
Tuesday 7th June - Ukraine (h)
Saturday 11th June - Ireland (a)
Tuesday 14th June - Armenia (a)
Friday 23rd September - Ireland (h)
Monday 26th September - Ukraine (a)

Ireland and Armenia booked up and I'll sort Ukraine nearer the time once they announce the venue as if it's Lviv it might be easier to go to Poland and travel from there.

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1 minute ago, Dunfermline Don said:

My Mrs had never been to a Scotland away game, would Dublin be a good introduction for her?
She is always saying she would like to visit Ireland.

No.  Take her to Armenia away, guaranteeing a completely shite experience meaning she will never attend another game in her life.

I took mine to Dundee away, December game, front row in the away end. Lost 1-0. Worked a treat.


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