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Bairns v Diamonds.

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We look completely lost as a team at this point and I fear for the rest of the season. I've been willing to forgive Sheerin somewhat for some losses this season where it did feel like we deserved more than what we got, but today was appaulingly bad. It never ends well when the crowd chants turn against the manager; don't think he's got much time left. How bad is McDaid btw.

Good Airdie support today. McInroy looks a player.

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I thought Falkirk were meant to be good when they played two up front?

Brilliant win today, another very good win at Falkirk for the third season in a row. We're only two months on from the 2-1 defeat in Airdrie but things seem wildly different for both teams now. After that game I thought we were pretty poor and needed some big results to turn things around and while Falkirk were by no means spectacular that day being able to grind out a win against us is something they hadn't been able to do for two seasons. I thought Falkirk looked considerably poorer today than the game in August and to be honest never felt like they were going to score. As soon as we got our first goal I was confident we were going to go on an win and we did so very comfortably. 

I was a bit concerned when the teams were announced given both our full-backs were out and Nesbitt and McDaid are ostensibly good wide players for this level. McCann had some joy early on but other than that Falkirk rarely threatened out wide. Given he's neither a defender or left-footed, I thought Scott McGill was outstanding today. It doesn't seem to matter where we play him, he always puts in a good shift. 

Josh Kerr's header for the third goal was great too. Other than long-throws, we haven't scored too many from set-pieces over the last few year and I can't recall too many goals from our defenders either, so it was good to see Kerr scoring a great header.

I'm sure the Falkirk fans were singing about Sheerin saying they're like Barcelona during the game in Airdrie but I thought out midfield dominated things today. The diamond shape seems to suit us, it allows us to get four technically good midfielders playing close to each other and we've played some great football at times in the last couple of games. Dylan Easton especially is really coming onto a game and starting to influence things in the final third. I was delighted to see him get his goal today, he was probably the best player on the pitch for me. 

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Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the new Falkirk Stadium. We are starting to look like a team. They all know their jobs and substitutes can slot into the system. Think we missed Watson marauding down the right but Walker settled eventually. Easton was excellent and Gallagher & Smith work well together. If McGills effort at the end has been other side of the post score line might have been more realistic but can’t complain about a performance and result like that away to Falkirk. As a Bairns fan said earlier McInroys a player. Hope we can hang onto him beyond January.

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Strolled that today. Team is really coming together after some questionable early season results.

Our midfield dominated the game from start to finish. Dylan Easton show at times out there  - tremendous performance and well worked and taken goal. In saying that there really wasn’t a failure in what was undoubtedly our most convincing performance of the season to date



I’ve never seen a Falkirk side with so little grit, determination or effort. Sheerin certainly doesn’t have his troubles to seek.

C’mon the Diamonds



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On 15/10/2021 at 09:55, Glenmavis Diamond said:

These games have been quite entertaining and tight in recent years. I expect this one to be no different. Falkirk are clearly going through a bit of a turbulent time, but are always going to be a threat and have the ability to win games. Airdrie have the best footballing team they've had for years, yet I'm still not convinced that we have stopped shooting ourselves in the foot. I genuinely believe we will hammer a team soon. Id love it to be Falkirk tomorrow but can't see it. We need to start turning our good football into more chances and more goals. It's that simple. And it needs to be consistent too. Hoping we are near full strength tomorrow, which gives Murray the good headache of who to start, but we should see our strongest bench in a while now that he worst of Covid and injuries seem to be behind us. 

I'm going for a 2-2 draw. 

How wrong you were eh? 


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Comfortable win for Airdrie. Took their chances and deserved the three points. We on the other hand are an absolute gang and I genuinely fear for us. Someone on the fans page actually posted we won't be relegated must be hoping the season will get stopped again. 

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The first goal is so important to any team and Falkirk did miss a headed chance in that first stages of first half ( Keena?)  but once we scored a really good goal Falkirk did not really have an answer to our play. There was a wee bit early on where we seemed to have no one wide right but once Murray switched Frizzel there and put McInroy in the left side , I was able to relax.  This was a so much more controlled win and might have been more. Hard to tell where Falkirk went wrong-too much playing out and too slow in first half: more urgent in 2nd half with all the corners but blocked shots : it was a super cross from Frizzell for our 2nd and that was pretty much it. Gallagher was a great centre forward display whilst Keena and Ruth never really got going. It's still a long way to go and some of the other results suggest it's a funny old game.

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