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Hamilton Accies vs Thistle Friday night football - 15th October 2021

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1 minute ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:

League 1 probably.

Ha not quite what I meant, but can't disagree.

Fancied us to struggle before a ball was kicked this season, and not seeing anything to make me think otherwise.

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Just now, djchapsticks said:

Think we can safely say that Mihai Popescu hung around long enough to be a cult hero for St. Mirren and we were best to leave it at that. Any longer and he'd have certainly turned into a constant facepalm.

He was dreadful at Hearts last season.

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Lovely stuff.

Honestly, when we played Morton I thought there was no chance we’d have an easier game all season. Then we played Ayr, and I thought right fair enough, but that’s surely it. Hamilton have just made them both look like exceptional sides. Several of their players look like they’ve never played football before, notable shouts to Popescu and the wee full back with long hair. 

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19 minutes ago, VictorOnopko said:

Quite a bold claim early in the season - especially given that Greenock Morton are sitting below them (does that make your team utter, utter horseshit at present?) and are due to play the league leaders away tomorrow. 

Yeah it's really not a bold claim at all to state that that horseshit Hamilton team, on dung manager #2 for the campaign, will in fact be relegated. 

Thanks for playing anyway though.


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Thought Accies were right back into the game when they got their goal back. You could see a lot of Partick Thistle players looking a little shaky when they did. In the end they were a little lucky to see it out.

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