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The Burns battle - Ayr v Queens

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15 minutes ago, itzdrk said:

Watched the highlights there, Cameron going in to elbow McCallister after the full time whistle is fucking delicious.  Get it right up that sad tadger. 

McAllister getting it right up him is glorious. Not sure what clip is my favourite, that or Aero cupping his ears to the away support. 

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One assumes that when FT teams work during the week on defensive shape, set pieces, blocking etc etc you would think that penalty box defending should also feature high on the agenda. I have absolutely no idea what possesses a central defender at this level of football to commit that type of ridiculous challenge when there was no tangible goal threat. Debayo’s actions were tantamount to gift wrapping Ayr with a goal and neutralise all the hard work that Queens had put into the match that far.

That rash error of judgement was so severe and so costly AJ should seek some re-assurance from the player that he has actually learned his lesson.In my experience on field “hotheads” seldom eradicate that from their game and continue to be a liability. Any player committing that sort of lunge in the penalty box highlights a complete and utter lack of game awareness. On a scale of 1-10 that error ranks at least 11. I can only surmise what his fellow players thought of his actions.

Your defending handled everything we put into the box quite well for the most part I thought. Maxwell was able to be well marshalled but Gibson and had Debayo just put a wee bit of pressure on him he’d either of lost the ball or passed it back.
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2 hours ago, No_Problemo said:

I think you are possibly right - we do need to balance wanting to get Maxwell, Bradley and O’Connor on the pitch with making sure we aren’t over run in central midfield. Maxwell could potentially play as the most advanced central midfielder, and allow O’Connor and Bradley to play either side of Tomi in a three. It’ll be good to have some options once Daire is back. 

Is this not what we did against both Dunfermline and Hamilton ?

4-3-3 when in possession but more a 4-5-1 when not.

Maxwell, Muirhead and Murdoch in the middle with Bradley wide right and O'Connor wide left would be my preference at the moment with Chalmers and Salkeld as cover.

I also reckon that the likes of Salkeld could play wide right in this sort of formation as cover and on the left we could always play Maxwell at LB if ever required if Reading out and stick Chalmers in at LCM.

I'm convinced that this sort of formation suits our players and means we get the best out of our full backs, it also brings support much closer to Adeloye as Bradley and O'Connor are both quick and good footballers who can play interchanges and spin off one another as can Adeloye.

I've got to say Duffy has certainly turned us around since Hopkin left and while we're far from impressive, he's  probably getting the most he can out of a pretty limited and unbalanced squad, which 5 or 6 weeks ago looked a forlorn hope !!


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16 hours ago, ayrunitedfw said:

You can’t really dislike Cammy Salkeld, sure he’s not very good at football but he gives 100% every game. We’ve had plenty of talented players who look they couldn’t give a f**k

I'm absolutely in this camp with Salkeld. He's one of those guys that I find absolutely forgivable as he will run through brickwalls for the club. We all know he's limited, but he leaves it all on the park every week. 


I would happily argue there are far more talented players in the current squad who still look like they don't give a f**k and are going through the motions.

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39 minutes ago, ayrunitedfw said:

McAllister getting it right up him is glorious. Not sure what clip is my favourite, that or Aero cupping his ears to the away support. 

Clear winner imo


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1 minute ago, wuffster said:


Still an awful, awful challenge and as stonewall as penalties come. Marginally in his defence though I will concede having seen it again, the ball is there to be won (he may even brush it on the way through) rather than him having to go through the player to get to it as I thought he did at the time.

It's still horribly mistimed and he goes sliding in with the wrong foot, but actually trying to make a challenge isn't as awful a decision as I thought it was. With Gibson tracking the run though he still doesn't need to make it though.

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