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The Burns battle - Ayr v Queens

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Strange game, looked decent value for three points up to an hour and then fell out of it.  Gibson and Connelly were key in that first hour, but disappeared.  Was Connelly injured?  Fitzpatrick did zip, as did Johnston.  Bradley made a difference for Ayr.  Daft penalty to give away.  Probably worth a draw but you've got to put the ball in the net as they say.

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5 minutes ago, Slipmat said:

A tale of two managers.

Ayr huff and puff and Duffy takes off two of his worst players.

Ayr score and AJ takes off our most dangerous player and goalscorer and replaces him with the invisible man.


Mental... AJ doesn't know how to use subs, Surely 1 nil up get Junior off Roy on and seal the win... No bad loss today with so many fans travelling to support the team.. Missed chances cost us tho... 🤦‍♂️ 

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Under Johnston we have scored the first goal in a league game 32 times and we’ve drawn 8 and lost 6.
So, our opponents have gained 26 points from 32 games.
In contrast, we have lost the first goal 29 times and have won 1 and drawn 1, so we have gained 4 points out of 29 games.
On average, we lose almost 6 times as many points from a winning position than we gain from a losing one (based on the comparison of points gained by opponents from us being 1-0 up and points gained by us after going 1-0 behind).

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Get in! I'll take that 2-1 win! Adeloye still getting pictures taken, some boi!
What a collapse from Queens.

We are used to it - we almost never come back from a deficit and there is almost no lead that makes us comfortable. Must admit by all accounts we seemed to be relatively comfortable at 1-0 but as soon we see the finish line in sight players panic, sit deeper invite trouble and the last thing we ever need is ..........balls whizzing around our box.

Despite showing promise and the supporters gravitating to the players - 9 points from first quarter is a pretty pathetic outcome when you analyse the individual matches. We continually find a way to lose matches that we should be winning or at the very least drawing. This trend now very much established and shake up required or expect more of the same. We shouldn’t really be anywhere near relegation trouble but we are and the longer this weak game management continues the more acute the problem will become.

Generally speaking I think we have a decent squad but no backbone and if this isn’t fixed soon the fans’ goodwill towards squad will start to wane if it hasn’t already.
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21 minutes ago, itzdrk said:

Hope you all enjoyed me goading the Da to the fence, he complained that I was bullying him to a steward 😄.  


Is he on here, gonna slit my throat my man. 

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