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Downdee v Aberdown 16/10/21

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Just now, coprolite said:

Dundee commentator just noticed McKenzie still on. Also credited lezgdins with Griffiths header off line. Top comedy. 

I thought I’d missed something when they were talking about Aberdeen being at a needless disadvantage. They can haver some shite at times. 

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Guest Bob Mahelp
Just now, ArabianKnight said:

What exactly is going on in the match. Sounds like proper heads gone all round. 

Not really. Just 22 guys masquerading as shite footballers, and one fucking idiot referee. 


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Aberdeen 🤣🤣🤣
Haven’t won since the summer and just two points above 11th. It’s actually happening.
What a laugh for the rest of the league. I’m sure McInnes is watching on with a smile. Glass must stay!

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