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Freefall FC v Dowds old team

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Just now, FalkirkBairn2021 said:

It's a shame Holt doesn't have 2 syllables.. ruins the get tae f**k chant

Just to the tune of loo loo skip to my loo or whatever the f**k the song is  


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no goals, no shots on target at home to the bottom team in the third tier of scottish football.  we currently sit 8th. 3 wins from 9.

sheerins bizarre squads and strategy put him firmly in the crosshairs now. deans and Holt should be embarrassed residing over the continual freefall. resign please gents.

interesting to see how long it takes sheerin to put keena on and how we do when he does

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That was abysmal, Nesbitt aside were were awful. Cannot fathom Keena and Ross changing the game last week and not playing today.
Dixon has a decent cross on him but his passing has been incredibly poor, we're really hurting ourselves playing these short passes around the defence too. Whatever it's supposed to give us it's not working at all. We simply need to change the system.

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13 minutes ago, Gaz said:

Very clear now that the Clyde performance / result was very much an anomaly.

We managed to get the first goal v Clyde, they went two up and left more spaces for us explore. 

Its not a new thing teams sitting in against us, it's up to us to break them down, having two sitting mids and one up front makes us so easy to play against.

We have been 2nd best today and as much as I wanted Sheerin to succeed, this is awful and reeks of being clueless. We are full time, massive budget in the league yet we will be lucky to reach the play offs with this management team.

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1 minute ago, ilostmyself said:

Keena not warming up with the subs, halftime change?

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Two up front shocker when it's going tits up, story of our season so far

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9 minutes ago, Cardle is Magic said:

What is happening at Falkirk? We’ll get relegated and still not play you next season at this rate.

We are shite. HTH

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