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Faroe Islands v Scotland


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Such a pathetic, dire, woeful, useless and uninspiring first half that was very lucky to still be level at half time.

A vast, vast improvement needed second half or a very embarrassing defeat is on the way. 

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2 minutes ago, Bob Mahelp said:

45 minutes left this evening to stop the lap of honour against Israel looking like the most idiotic piece of hubris since Ally McLeod in 1978. 

It wasn’t hubris. It was saying thanks to the fans for the first sell-out in years.

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1 minute ago, Namond Brice said:

The drop off from Saturday is alarming. A bit of composure and the Faroes would be out of sight already.

Clarke has previous for this, he was unable to lift the team for the Nations League games after Serbia. 


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I absolutely slaughtered Patterson for his first half performance on Saturday. McTominay has been even worse here. A passenger when defending and sloppier than an 18 hour drinking sesh when in possession. Midfield doesn’t look anywhere near as balanced without McGregor and lacking drive from his running. Would seriously consider putting him on at half time.

Need a bit more patience in possession as well. Knocking it about at the back, and then trying a ball in to the channels for a runner isn’t going to work on a slick artificial pitch, just running out constantly. Few glimmers of hope in the last 5, but it’s been pretty brutal over all.

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Too many passes sideways and back, most of our forward passes are 40 yard hoofballs. 

Get the ball down, play with tempo and through the thirds. 

Nisbet on for McTominay please. 

Patterson for Fraser as well who's contributed nothing either. 

Too many just looking at each other to make something happen, I can't remember their keeper having a save of note to make. On the plus side we were rotten 1st half against Israel on Saturday and managed to turn it around. 

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Our final ball is too often a direct one, which isn't working against a compact defence and on a slippy pitch - we can't expect to switch the ball or find space the same way we did at Hampden.

I don't think we need a big change in personnel or formation; just keep the ball a bit more and try to encourage some well timed runs from our forward players.

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