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Hibernian vs St Johnstone, Sunday 26 September, 2021

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We'll be stronger when Gordon returns and I think MacPherson will come in for Crawford but we haven't got the right balance up front yet.
We didn't score tonnes of goals last season but did create chances, that has kind of dried up this term.
The centre backs not stepping out at all is making us easier to play against too.
Not convinced Macpherson will dislodge Crawfrord to be honest. I'm delighted with him.
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3 minutes ago, shibbydoo said:



5 minutes ago, shibbydoo said:

John Beaton Man of the Match - Nisbet is shite.

Well done for finally beating us though.


1 minute ago, shibbydoo said:

In the depth of lockdown.

2 fucking idiots


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17 minutes ago, Leith Green said:

I cba counting, but are there more stewards and police than fermers?


I think you could be correct.

To be fair to the perth crew there was a lockdown tv clash with Emmerdale farm omnibus on ITV 2 at the time. 

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2 minutes ago, Crawford Bridge said:

Quite arrogant are some of these fermers. Thought they just had to turn-up.

Have to admit. I used to think that St Johnstone fans were just big fat jolly Perthshire Tory farmers, but some of the chat on this thread makes me wonder if they're not actually that jolly.

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