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Rangers v Hibernian SF

Lyle Lanley

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Great reminder of that day.

We were parked really close to Hampden as my dad had a disabled badge - on the way, there were loads of The Rangers fans engaging us in their standard hilarious banter clear in the knowledge that they were going to skelp the Leith team.

Was an amusing walk back to the car - me taking congratulatory calls from friends and family, my dad grinning like a cheshire cat.........and a lot of chubby gammon faced unionists trudging back to the lodge before going home to kick the cat.

Hilarious fun.


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At least we didn’t draw St Johnstone.

Honestly this was probably my preferred draw, as above we’d have fucking lost to St Johnstone again, Celtic we’ve played at Hampden a few times recently and always been papped, the only pro of that would have been it would have probably been the Saturday. Rangers aren’t playing well at the moment and Gerrards Hampden record is appalling, not saying we’ll win but we have a chance.

The inevitability’s:

Rangers to get battered regardless of the result.

A Daily Record headline condemning Hibs fans behaviour.

Lots of people with 72 and 1690 in their twitter handles losing their shit about something.

A fucking pish kick off time, fully expecting Sunday 12:30

An absolute festival of hatred, and I for one cannot wait.

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We've not got the worst record at Hampden against these c***s.

Looking forward to the build up more than the game tbh. Nothing will ever top these losers getting battered on and off the park and getting their runner-up medals in a Tesco carrier bag in the changing rooms.


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9 hours ago, Les Cabbage said:

After that car crash of a thread from Sunday’s game, I sure as hell am I excited to see how this one goes.

Porteous last minute winner and Gerrard to be in fucking tears plz. 

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8 hours ago, Lyle Lanley said:

Porteous last minute winner and Gerrard to be in fucking tears plz. 

Haven’t you heard? He’s been banned for a year for his disgusting reckless tackle on oor Joe Aribo

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