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Raith Rovers vs Partick Thistle

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2 minutes ago, Raith Against The Machine said:

I think we needed that to exorcise the ghosts of the Hamilton game. 

It's a good thing. 


Maybe. Or maybe it make teams realise we're susceptible to losing goals late on.

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The general performance, at least in both first and final thirds, was pedestrian and shite but bloody hell we give away some fucking calamitous, easily avoidable goals.

If we could avoid letting balls bounce in front of centre halves and over their heads; throwing the ball directly to opposition players in our own box;  or indeed slapping the ball in the box for no reason, that'd be grand.


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Don’t think we deserved to lose on the balance of play and that we should’ve had a penalty. However, our defence was poor as always and we gave away a cheap penalty so it’s our own doing.

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4 hours ago, HIT THE CHANNEL said:

Early doors and all that but this looks quite an important game for our momentum and prospects for the rest of the season. 

Win and we are in 4th, with a game in hand. Add in the cup run and a win against Aberdeen and its been a very good start all things considered.

Lose and we are 5 points off 4th and 7 off 3rd. Things in this scenario are starting to look very midtable'y and our start to the season looks average at best (adding in the injury to Vaughan and lack of options up front, a 'let's stay up and build for next year' feeling could set in fast).

Hoping for the former! Come on Rovers!

That Hamilton game has scarred me (and the team by the looks of it. f**k me!).

Anyway, great 3 points the start to the season looking much better now. A win on Wednesday would be massive! Would give us a bit of space between ourselves and 5th, put us one point behind Arbroath and go to within touching distance of Kille before we play them. 

Great pen from Bene as well.





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We really need to get rid of collapsing and conceding when 3 or 4 goals up to the good. Just see a game out comfortably would be great. That's hit the goal difference and you never know when that could be needed 😤

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