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Rangers Vs Motherwell

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1 minute ago, Richie said:
5 minutes ago, ropy said:
I don’t mind the Rangers commentary, it is their coverage but they didn’t even consider the possibility of offside 

Lewis Irons commentary on hesgoal

Haven't we suffered enough? 

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11 minutes ago, Archie McSquackle said:

BBC update page describes him as getting free at a corner and scoring from point blank range. Am I missing something? Was there a knock on, otherwise he couldn't have been offside as the ball hasn't been played forward to him?

There was a flick on at the front post.

It was clear as day.

And Watt had a more than decent shout for a penalty.

Not like Rangers to get the benefit of refereeing decisions

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We had our big chance, didn’t take it and were punished moments later by a mixture of bad officiating and even worse defending.

Disappointing since we didn’t look that bad up until the goal.

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(miles) Offside goal.

Steven McLean giving us nothing for the same things he's giving Rangers.

Van Veen is great but his diving is fucking pathetic.  He's the type of guy (incoming cliche) who's gonna get given nothing for stone wallers cos he's a diving b*****d.

I have always said it anaw but Watt misses too many sitters. He could easily be a 12 goal a year guy if he wasn't missing constantly.

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