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Rangers Vs Motherwell

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I've already written the points off for this one, our usual loss by a narrow margin on the South Side.

However if, come time up on Sunday,  this latest Motherwell 'gang'  have fulfilled their potential and induced Bowman/Cardoso levels of seethe and head detachments in the G51 area, I will still view it as a successful afternoons work. Flattery and Can Veen to be the main perpetrators doing the honours.

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I am sort of glad that Rangers have banned us along with Sutton, Lennon and McLaughlin, presumably they could not have guaranteed our safety.

What criteria will the Rangers fans have to demonstrate before proper fans are allowed back in their stadium?

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It's a win/win really. They make absolutely no money off of Well fans, and more Ranger's fans = more seethe when Van Veen casually nutmegs McGregor to score and then skelps Morelos while celebrating.

I will be shocked if we finish the game with 11 players, and I'm absolutely fine with that tbh

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33 minutes ago, beesher said:

Why are there Rangers fans in 3 stands??

Used to be the norm - OF supporters got most of Fir Park - we got a wee bit of the terracing near the fence. When I started going in the 1980's it was pretty intimidating quite honestly. The same setup was still going at the end of 80's and only went once the covered terracing was seated in 1991.

Another example which was the first win I saw over Rangers or Celtic at Fir Park.

(and remember, Fir Park's capacity was 23,000 at that point and 33,000 in the first clip - which is mental to think about now)

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I don't think we'll win BUT it would be very Motherwell to beat Rangers in the league for the first time in decades and nobody be there to see it.
Have had thoughts along these lines too.

Alexander likes us to sit in and hold a lead with 20 mins to go and it's worked tbh, but its a completely different proposition at Ibrox - Rangers would really have to have an off-day in terms of delivery/finishing.
Stranger things have happened though.

Expecting a defeat and as others have said, I'm fairly certain we won't end the game with 11 on the park - Van Veen has all the qualities to get sent off here, particularly as its an incredibly easy option for a ref at a full/hostile Ibrox anyway.
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