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6 hours ago, ICTChris said:

Law Studs £10k a year policy is great. If you assign that cash amount to every person in the UK (65m) then you would have an NHS budget of £650,000,000,000, around three times the current NHS budget. It would mean around two thirds of UKG spending would be on healthcare, moving closer to the inevitable end point of the British states sole purpose being to fund healthcare for its population of perpetually drunk obese idiots. 

The idea was that the £10k would also replace the benefits system so you need to add that to the other side of the balance.

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The NHS was never designed to deliver the health provision it does now. It needs people to be more understanding of the increased demands. Ageing population, the advancement of medical science means more and new costly drugs/techniques mean more illnesses or conditions can be managed/cured/ whatever, so for the model that was built post war to what it is now its a fucking miracle its not absolutely destroyed. People have changed too, doctors waiting rooms and A&E filled with arseholes who have nothing wrong with them but demand a consult every time Kayden coughs etc. I knew a guy who took his kid to A&E almost every single fucking week, thats not right (his mrs also used to complain about the GP every day on facebook). 
Some of the stories the mrs tells of reasons people want appointments are mad, with society becoming more selfish and demanding of things instantly the time of doctors is diminishing. The things dealt with now like gender reassignment, mental health, more management of chronic conditions in the community and the almost epidemic levels of mental illness amongst society put new types of strain on surgeries which were never even conceived by Bevan. People seem unwilling to use services like Minor Ailments in chemists, which would seriously reduce the burden on GP’s and A&E. 

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5 hours ago, ICTChris said:

I found this Daily Star article about the cost of NHS operations. It seems appropriate that this discussion should include a Daily Star article entitled “the cost of these NHS operations will shock you”.


Under the new Law Stud Process you have to save up for a couple of years to get brain surgery. On the upside you can get two to five hernia operations and up to twenty vasectomies a year!

And that's where his genius idea fell apart.

Leaving aside the moral of doing this, we spend £10k or whatever per person on AVERAGE.

The NHS only functions because most people don't need to use it at all/much each year.

Those who do need to use it will require considerably more than £10k spent on them.

Dickson was and continues to be an idiot who can't see more than 2 inches in front of him.

There's a good reason why guys like that rarely end up in positions of real power.

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17 hours ago, Shandon Par said:

I was hanging off a satellite dish earlier and managed not to do a Rod Hull. Only have a burst rib and black eye right now. Not been to a&e for months.

Annnnd guess who is sitting in minor injuries after bursting a couple of fingers at fives last night 

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Seems to be a fair amount of "well my experiences of the NHS have been terrible" stories that all seem to stem from a lack of staff or resources. Almost as if the NHS doesn't get enough funding from a government that doesn't want to keep funding it. Might be something else though.

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Having watched breaking bad I’m grateful  for NHS. 

SerIously they have been great bar the odd miscommunication but that happens in every industry, had a hernia op at the end of July and everyone involved was great from start to end no complaints plus aftercare when my wound became infected the treatment room at my local gp couldn’t have been more helpful.

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Voluntary (to begin with) euthanasia for over 65 year olds. (Plus Soylent Green). Would save a fair bit cash.

The NHS and Scotgov should make more Janey Godley adverts to increase it's popularity.

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Great topic to bring up, Alta-pete.

I’ve  thought long and hard on this one and it’s really difficult to come up with something which satisfies the demands of an ever increasing consumerist population and, at the same time protect the vulnerable and less well off in society.

The problem is that the NHS has become something of a sacred cow with no one being able to criticise without being made out to be a selfish pig.

I think we need to consider how much people spend on their pets, their teeth and all the other pseudo medical services available without batting an eyelid.

I feel the market needs to play a part and the obvious first step would be to grant tax relief on private medical insurance to encourage the sector to expand. 
Someone mentioned making people pay for minor accidents and this is just so obvious that it’s a no-brainer. Definition of MINOR will be tricky but not impossible. Also must be lots of other things the NHS provides which should be charged for. I am currently receiving treatment for minor skin cancer for which I’d be delighted to pay. My private health insurer won’t cover it.

Anyway, great topic and I’ll be back with more ideas.

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Just now, Namond Brice said:

Screaming in my gran's face that if she can pay for her cat to get a jab at the vets, she should bloody well pay for her hip replacement too the fucking selfish old boot.

If she stopped spending all her money on pseudo medical services like dental work she could maybe afford a health plan!!

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as one of my pals once said when talking about privatisation

"We both have private medical insurance so who cares what happens to the NHS?" (no it wasn't said tounge in cheek or as a joke)

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1 hour ago, The Moonster said:

You're a fucking idiot. 

The initiator of this topic invited ideas from all political prospectives and I gave a few of my thoughts on the matter.

Instead of dishing out abuse you’d be better served by trying to come up with some ideas to deal with a problem which most people agree needs addressing.

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