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South of Scotland League general chat

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Early indications suggest the league winner will be a licensed club thus part in the promotion playoff. In the Scottish Cup the last two SOSL clubs standing, St. Cutbert Wanderers & Wigtown & Bladnoch have drawn each other thus an SOSL club has the prospect of a decent payday depending on how the R2 goes. Top vs bottom so the match looks like only going one way.

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Will the SoSFL manage to continue operating as is for the next five, even ten seasons?


My belief is that it cannot do so and I only foresee two possible outcomes occurring: -

(a). Full absorption into the WoSFL.

(b). Co-opting a number of Southern WoSFL clubs into the SoSFL.


Any other ideas?

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Re any other ideas-----

The South League have for the past 50 odd years , managed to  successfully provide competitive football in Dumfries and Galloway.

I know its clubs do not fare to well in the Scottish and regional cups but the same clubs will dominate these anyway.

Why would South Clubs spend money travelling to Glasgow and north Ayrshire just to play in a branch of the West which would contain clubs of the same ability as they are already playing!

One thing that would improve the South League would be to scrap the ridiculous computer fixture selection, Teams not having a game for 2 or three weeks out of four  is total nonsense.

What are the South Committee thinking of? 

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