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Jobs you would love to do

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A couple of years ago saw this bit on the tele where 2 police people were spending their days riding a bus round a city centre videoing folk using their phones while driving, then sending them tickets. Love the idea of being selective in who you spot.

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16 hours ago, Jamie_Beatson said:

I always fancied being in aviation when I was younger - but then decided I'd rather be a journalist. Did that for 12 years after finishing uni, but always kept looking at going down the air traffic control route.

Eventually decided to go for it about three years ago and went through the selection process - managed to get the job and fully qualified as a controller about four months ago. Absolutely brilliant.


15 hours ago, Paul Kersey said:

A mate of mine did that. This was in the mid 90s. He moved to Luxembourg for a few years to do his training and was earning an absolute fortune.

I kinda regret not going for it myself.


12 hours ago, Jamie_Beatson said:

The selection took six months all in from the applications closing to being told I had the job. The application form was pretty generic - but they look for certain aptitudes/personalities rather than anything else.

The first real step was a day of testing at the ATC college in Cheltenham. It was a totally brain melting day of all manner of things to see how your brain processes information, your multi tasking ability, your spatial awareness and a lot more beside that.

Having got through that there was then an interview (during which they pulled out speed/distance/time calculations from nowhere and had you do them as quickly as you could - luckily that's my specialist subject), and then there was a medical after that. Then an interminable wait of about six weeks to see if I'd got it, and thankfully I did!

I love the day to day job. When you're busy the day flies by and then it is all about problem solving more than anything, especially at the unit I work at where there is a mix of big jets and light training/pleasure aircraft all looking to be on the same bit of tarmac or the same exact spot in the sky at the same time.




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12 hours ago, Tumnaal said:

 I dream of becoming a fashion designer, but at the moment I have too little knowledge to work in this field.
   So now I'm working at a job I don't like and trying to earn money for design courses.

You should speak to Peter Grant. He can give you a few pointers on how being a clueless count should be no obstacle to getting your dream job.

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