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Couldn't see a topic on it. New drama from the makers of Line of Duty. Two episodes in and it's all quite tense. Enjoying it so far so as long as they don't phone in the ending like the last series of Line of Duty it should be good. 

Also since it's based around Glasgow/Faslane area it's an A-Z of Scottish actors. Everybody from Stevie the Bookie to Billy Elliott's da to Podrick is involved here. 

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I'm thinking that the killer here is 


the chef.

The camera has showed her on screen twice and both times she's been emotional.  At the memorial there the Coxswain said she was going through a lot with her son.  Guess Burke screwed her son over at some point?

All a guess of course.

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18 hours ago, 54_and_counting said:

Just caught up on ep 5, why the f**k did the copper not just continously drive around town, like get to a crowded traffic area of the town, she drove right into what looked like a near empty car park knowing full well backup wasnt going to be there 😂😂

Because she’s a wildling.

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Last night’s episode was probably the best so far. Plenty going on and setting up for some twists in the last couple of episodes.

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I mean we're liberally lifting bits of The Hunt for Red October now but it's still very entertaining. 

My girlfriend pointed out that Rose Leslie was heavily pregnant while this was being filmed and it's now very funny seeing what's in front of her/what she's holding to hide it in the show. 

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12 hours ago, invergowrie arab said:

Why are they not very good at driving a submarine?

I get that they can't use sonar because it's all stealthy but what the f**k are they paying all these c***s with headphones on for?! 

Also I despair at the polis going to arrest this dangerous person who is a suspected murderer but not checking if his hoose has a back door. 


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Cannae work out what the biggest bit of nonsense here is:

1. How has a deep sea survival suit, purpose built to keep you alive in some of the harshest conditions alive, completely done in by the contents of a fridge?

2. They've gone and got the hazmat suits, why are they not using those to get rid of the device?

But mostly:

3. How's she managed to take a turn off on the Kingston Bridge to get to Braehead in about 3 minutes. I wish I knew where that was 7 or 8 years ago because I'd have saved hours on my commute. 

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