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Dundee FC vs Livingston - 11/9/21

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What a shite storm this thread has become - anyone got anything to say about football?

Will be interesting to see some of the Livi old boys today; particularly Shaun Byrne. As a matter of interest; has he been sent off at all since joining Dundee? It was getting to be a bit of a regular occurrence for us, limiting his appearances, but I can't recall seeing him being shown the red card once; since his move. That being said; as he was often one of two players remaining back whenever he rest of the team went up for a corner; I suppose its not surprising.

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6 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

Disappointed with the line up, would like to have seen Cummings and Griffiths up front together.

Think Jakubiak will be playing more out wide with the thought being a proven goalscorer can come off the bench later in the game. 

We need McCowan, Anderson and Marshall down the flank to create for us today.

Thank you.

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Disappointed with the line up, would like to have seen Cummings and Griffiths up front together.

Reckon it’s McMullan missing out that’s prevented that. We are seriously lacking out wide without him so getting the 3 in midfield probably became the priority as most of our play will go through there.
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25 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

Not one to panic, but where the f**k is McMullan? Nothing was mentioned about him in yesterday's press conference.

This basically happens every pre game presser. McPake gets asked question about squad availability - he says everything is good aside from the known long termers (this week Adam and Mullen) then we show up from the game and somebody surprising will be missing.

It's king of annoying from a fan's perspective, but it would seem he likes to keep the opponents off balance and keep them guessing a little bit. 

I'd be feeling a lot better if Adam and McMullen and Cummings were playing today along with our new addition LG, but hopefully we can get the three points anyways.

Livi fans, do you have full strength lineup or not? If not then who is missing?

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