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Saturday sees Cove make the journey down south to play Clyde. The same fixture last season ended in a 1-1 draw with goals from Connor Scully and of course DGW! The reverse fixture was a 3-2 Clyde win.

Cove come into the game scoring 8 in their last two games but still don't look at their best and are prone to conceding a goal or two. Saying that if we have our best back 4 of Logan-Ross-Strachan-Milne then I'm hopeful some clean sheets could be achieved. We've struggled to field our best XI in our opening 8 games. Shay missed the Dumbarton game and Morgyn stepped in but again looked the weak link. 

Fraser Fyvie makes a welcome return after his 2 match suspension and should give us stability, composure and a bit more attacking threat. He will partner Vigurs in CM and Scully with drop to the bench.

Jamie Masson has come on as a sub in the last 2 games but will hopefully get a start ahead of Leitch who I doubt will get many starts going forward. Rory should partner Mitch up top and retain our 4-4-2 starting lineup. Mitch is looking on a deadly streak of form right now, he's creating his own chances and taking them. If we can give him supply he could run riot in the games ahead. 

Clyde are 2 wins out of 4 in all competitions at home (including the Premier Sports cup), albeit perhaps not the most convincing of wins. Will go into the game as underdogs but Cove are still to beat Clyde in L1 so who knows what the result will be. 




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We'll probably set up the same as last week to frustrate Cove if we are lucky 0-0, we certainly aren't going to go out and play brilliant we are slow, dull and can't defend nor pass.

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Parry in for Mitchell who's away to sign for Hibs "unavailable".

To add to the current absentees Love, Page and Tade (who's signing looks a complete and utter waste of time for all parties), Splaine and Cuddihy are both doubtful so if there was any doubt before then Nicoll will definitely play again if they're both absent. Presumably Livingstone's back. 

If we're going to get any use at all out Mortimer who is an awful full back then he could be tried further forward where he played most of his football for QP. Would get Cunningham coming infield from the left too where I think he's at his best.

Munro - Balatoni - Elsdon - Livingstone
Kennedy - Nicoll - Gomis 
Mortimer - Goodwillie - Cunningham

is about the depressingly best I can fling together from our available pool. Rumsby will play though and will concede a penalty.

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The team we had in our promotion season would cuff that side by 3 or 4. This fantasy that we are "keeping a good shape" needs to end; it's no point not crossing the halfway line if you gift comical goals and penalties on a weekly basis. We saw that last season when one smash and grab at Peterhead became the inspiration for weeks and weeks of awful performances.

We only have Docherty, Jones and St Andrews as the other options as well. From the podcast tonight it sounds like the standard of that squad is entirely on Lennon.

It makes you wonder why we loaned out (the admittedly poor) McGrath when we didn't have plans to bring in anyone. It's not like we didn't know Tade/Love would be missing.

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Cove really should be winning this if they have concrete ambitions of automatic promotion. Clyde faired fairly well against Cove last year so you never know. 

Clyde 1-3 Cove


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If Cuddihy and Splaine don't make it a midfield of Gomis Nicoll and Kennedy is going to be overrun with absolutely no service to Goodie

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Opening up to Cove means being beaten. Radical changes to the shape and system every week mean being beaten. Mainly for those two reasons I think we should keep to the approach taken at Falkirk despite its failure. Consider also that Cove are travelling down. They're not a fully full-time team like Falkirk. And they'll be playing on a bone-dry plastic pitch in hot weather. Those things bode much better for the Falkirk approach. Lastly, without Cuddihy and Splaine we'll be an even more diminished side in attacking terms than we were against Falkirk, hard as that may be to imagine.

Smash and grab should be the objective here a la Montrose and Alloa. And we'll need Goodie and Cunningham to play out of their skin. Maybe throw on Jones late on to see if we can nick it.

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18 minutes ago, BullyWeeStonehouse said:

No Logan in the squad for Cove is a bonus. And they only have 3 subs.


No Logan, No Harry Milne, No Fraser Fyvie. 3 huge players for us; especially the latter 2.


Means we have Morgyn Neill and Jevan Anderson both in the back four and no natural left back. Also means we start Scully alongside Vigurs in the middle which is not a bad thing but Fyvie gives us something extra.

Masson not fit enough to start so 5 of our best XI missing including McKenzie

* Draper missing too but that's a godsend/blessing rather than a downfall.

Wouldn't bank on us keeping a clean sheet today. Need to outscore like last 2 weeks.


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