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On 07/09/2021 at 19:01, Broken Algorithms said:

All down to Martindale seemingly. 

It's been quite a turgid game so far but obviously I'm happy we're 2-0 up. We were getting quite a lot of joy down the right with Tumilty (obviously it peaked with the first goal) but it's been picked up on more in the latter stages of the first half. Delighted for Dario to get a goal on his return. 

In midfield, I feel we've been second to quite a lot of balls defensively and there's been a few mistimed tackles. On the other side, Ayr have been very sloppy in possession on the few occasions they do play it on the ground. Berra and Benedictus have marshalled everything in the Ayr. Still plenty of time left in this game for us to f**k it up. With the Accies game in mind, complacency isn't even going to be a factor. Really need to get a few more goals if we can. 

On 07/09/2021 at 19:01, TheScarf said:

He actually had good players then.

To be fair, the first thing he did was push Martindale up to Assistant Manager and then give him complete control over all transfers. Martindale went down the stats based recruitment route and fed Hopkin players who fit his system perfectly like Byrne, Buchanan, Lithgow, Crighton, Cadden, Mullin etc.. 

From what I've followed Hopkin's recruitment at other clubs has been absolutely shite, likely because he doesn't have someone like Martindale doing a f**k load of leg work and scouting/stats assessment to cherry pick players to make his tactics work. He tried to take Martindale to Bradford with him and Martindale turned him down.



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Only disappointment of the night was the BRS sending off. Felt his first touch most of the game wasn’t great tbh. Often too heavy which left him chasing the ball. From memory that’s what led to his first booking as the ball ran away from him and he caught the Ayr player trying to get it back under control. 

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