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FA Cup 2021/2022


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Just now, DrewDon said:

What an utterly bizarre bit of commentary after that Leno save from Matterface. 

The offside comments? I did think I missed something as there wasn't even the remotest hint of any offside situation.

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7 hours ago, The Master said:

There is something of an obsession about train times amongst English football fans*.

Whenever the latest TV picks are announced, there’s always one fan group or another complaining about how the first or last trains don’t tie in with the kick off time. 

*And Aberdeen fans, come to think of it. 

To be fair to Plymouth 1st round Sheffield Wed away 1230 Sunday 2nd round Rochdale away 1230 Sunday and last night Birmingham 5.30. 

TV really doesn't give a fcuk about the fans. 

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8 hours ago, TheScarf said:

I hate shit like this. Yes the train times are unfortunate but there are other ways of getting there lads. Every away game doesn’t have to be a piss up on a train with your fans getting off at the station and giving it the big un Football Factory style. 


I think it's a legitimate gripe. Unless you drive, the only other way of getting back is a 6-7 hour bus ride which, if the game finishes at 8ish leaves you getting back to the south coast at about 4am in the morning. It's the age old argument that's made when K.O. times are adjusted for TV with clearly no regard paid to the fans who actually go to games. 

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