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Montrose v Clyde

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Aye right, see through all this negative psychology mullarkey. Expect a tough match and throw in the Goodwillie factor and it could be far less of a foregone conclusion. That said the Mo were firing on all cylinders against Airdrie. More of the same please for this one.

Will be gutting to have to watch this on a telly in Ferryden. Our quarantine doesn't end until after 23.59.59 on Monday.

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Good to see the optimism ahead of Saturday 😀

Though have to agree with everyone in that there has been nothing to indicate to so far that this is going to be anything other than a relegation season. 

Poor new signings coupled with bizarre team tactics so far only points to an easy win for an a good and experienced Montrose team (probably the best footballing team in the league).

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What's the chances of me getting a ticket for this? 
Going for a drive on Saturday and Montrose could be a decent place to end up.. 
Pretty easy I'd imagine, they appear to still be on sale on the website https://www.montrosefc.co.uk/ticketing/12-commercial/1848-match-tickets-shop
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10 hours ago, mo83 said:

Expecting a tough game from Clyde always a threat with DG up top but think we have more enough strength and depth to win this one.

You are assuming that DG will be playing up front?  I'm not.  Last Saturday he was played wide to accommodate a dud striker that we signed from Dumbarton. 

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